Battlefield Tours
Battlefield Tours
A continuous journey
of remembrance and discovery


Exceptional Battlefield Tours

Ensuring a continuous journey of remembrance and discovery. We meticulously craft our tours to immerse you in history and pay homage to the past.

You can explore The Battle of Waterloo or various WW1 & WW2 sites in the UK or Europe with us, embarking on an enlightening expedition through time.

Prepare for an emotional and thought-provoking experience.

On our battlefield tours we transport you to historic events, letting you witness pivotal moments where world history took shape. At Travel England Tours, our dedicated team includes battlefield guides, military historians, academics, and lecturers who enrich your experience. Furthermore, they are all members of the International Guild of Battlefield Guides, ensuring a deep knowledge of history.

Our headquarters in London coordinate and operate our battlefield tours and experiences. Moreover, we offer convenient pickup points in London, UK, as well as in Lille, Paris, and Bayeux, France, making it easy for you to join us from various locations. We extensively research our tours, delving into the tactics, circumstances, and campaigns of each battle. Honouring the merits, heroism, and bravery of those involved, sharing their trials and triumphs.

Furthermore, you’ll travel in luxury in our Mercedes V Class vehicles as you follow historical footsteps.
Travel England Tours specialises in developing bespoke battlefield tours and experiences.

We can take you to specific areas of interest, such as visiting a relative’s name on a memorial or tracing your family’s genealogy. Recognized as part of the Award-Winning Travel England Tours Ltd family for our dedication to excellence.

We create customized tours for people of all nationalities who participated in WWI and WWII.
Whether you’re tracing a loved one or a distant family member who fought on The Somme or took part in the D-Day Landings in Normandy, our tours can be tailored to your needs. If you’re American, Australian, or Canadian and want to explore Europe’s battlefields, monuments, towns, and cities, we offer a convenient collection service from London. Alternatively, you can reach Lille, France, in just 1 hour and 20 minutes on the Eurostar from London, where we’ll pick you up to begin your battlefield tour.

At Travel England Tours, we unwaveringly commit to providing exceptional battlefield tours.
We eagerly await the opportunity to share this profound journey of remembrance and discovery with you. Join us on TET Battlefield Tours for an experience that will leave a lasting impression.

A small, historic white chapel with a gray roof alongside a partial stone wall under a cloudy sky, surrounded by green grass and a building to the right.

1 Day Tour
Waterloo Battlefield Tour

In this rich historical experience, we'll focus on the Waterloo battlefield, a pivotal site in European history.

A war memorial with a vertical column topped by an eagle, flanked by weeping willow trees and fronted by a reflective pool, against a cloudy sky.

1 Day Tour
WWII Battle of Britain tour

Our exclusive Battle of Britain tour will transport you back in time to one of the most critical chapters in history.

Alt text: a weathered stone plaque at the entrance of the dieppe canadian war cemetery, inscribed with

2 Day Tour
Canadian Battlefield Tour of Dieppe

Embarking on our Canadian Battlefield Tour, you'll step onto hallowed ground where Canadian forces made indelible marks in history.

Black and white historical photo of a world war i soldier sitting on the battlefield with a rifle and helmet, smiling at the camera, amidst a desolate landscape.

3 Day Tour
WWI Somme and Ypres Battlefield

Delve into a journey through time and explore the profound history of these battlefields, where the past comes alive.

A bronze statue of a soldier in full military gear holding a rifle, standing in front of a beach landscape with sand dunes under a clear sky.

3 Day Tour
WWII America's D Day Normandy Landings

Embark on an enriching D-Day Tour commencing at Portsmouth Harbour.

A model of a vintage military aircraft with four propellers, displayed in a diorama setting that includes miniature vehicles, equipment, and a painted background depicting a landscape.

4 Day Tour
WWII Masters of the Air

A private expedition that delves deep into World War II's pivotal moments.

A bronze bust of a woman wearing a headscarf, displayed on a pedestal with a plaque and flanked by three wreaths with poppies. the monument overlooks a park path and a serene pond.

5 Day Tour
WWII Dunkirk to D Day

An immersive experience which offers a profound exploration of the events that shaped World War II.

The canadian national vimy memorial stands under a cloudy sky, featuring twin limestone towers with statues, honoring fallen soldiers. visitors are seen walking around the monument.

7 Day Tour
Canadian Western Front to D Day

Our enriching Canadian D Day Tour weaves through the historical tapestry of London and key European battlegrounds.

A historic black and white photo of several soldiers riding and standing beside an old military tank moving through a rough terrain field.

10 Day Tour
WWI Western Front Battlefield Tour

Embark on a compelling WWI Battlefield tour spanning ten days delving deep into the historic landscapes and poignant memorials of World War I.

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