Waterloo Battlefield Tour - 1 Day Tour
1 Day
Waterloo Battlefield Tour

1 day Tour

Waterloo Battlefield - Belgium

In this rich historical experience, we'll focus on the Waterloo battlefield, a pivotal site in European history.

Embark on a captivating journey through the Waterloo battlefield with our immersive Waterloo Battlefield Tour.

Day 1 commences with an early departure from London on the Eurostar train to Brussels, followed by a short drive to the battlefield. Guided by our expert Chauffeur Tour Guide, you'll explore key locations, including Wellington's right flank, the Lion Mound Museum, and the meticulously restored Hougoumont Farm.

Gain unique perspectives from both the British and French sides of the conflict, all while delving into the strategic decisions made at Napoleon's General Headquarters, Le Caillou. Your day concludes back in Brussels, offering the choice of returning to London or extending your stay in this historic city. Join us on this unforgettable journey to connect with the past and unravel the secrets of the Battle of Waterloo.

Wondering where you'll find the Waterloo battlefield? It's located at Rte du Lion 1815, 1420 Braine-l'Alleud, Belgium

Important information: Your preferred drop off and collection point will be agreed with your driver prior to the tour start date.

Tour includes

Price from: £875.00 per day

Tour vehicle

Private chauffeur guide

Free bottled water

the tour

Delve into the heart of history with a focus on the Waterloo battlefield

This tour promises an exceptional opportunity to connect with the past and gain a deep appreciation for this pivotal event in European history.

Here’s a detailed itinerary for your captivating journey:

Depart on the Eurostar to The Waterloo Battlefield, Brussels

Meet at Ashford euro star station, setting the stage for your Waterloo battlefield tour.

Immersive Exploration:
At the battlefield, your adventure begins with a guided walk across this historic site. You’ll start by exploring Wellington’s right flank, the very ground where pivotal moments unfolded during the Battle of Waterloo.

Lion Mound and Museum

Next, you’ll visit the Lion Mound Centre, home to a new museum. Ascend the Lion Mound for a breath taking view of the Waterloo battlefield. Explore the Waterloo Panorama, a colossal painted battlefield panorama.

Lunch Break:
Recharge with lunch at the onsite restaurant, offering a moment of relaxation amidst your historical journey.

Hougoumont Farm, La Belle Alliance, Le Caillou

Your tour continues with a visit to the meticulously restored Hougoumont Farm, a battlefield gem. Delve into its historical significance, examining memorials, original structures, gates, and loop-holed walls.

French Perspective:
Traverse the battlefield to La Belle Alliance, where you’ll gain a unique perspective from the vantage point of the French forces, enhancing your understanding of the battle.

Napoleon’s HQ:
The day reaches its zenith at Le Caillou, Napoleon’s General Headquarters during the battle. Explore this site to gain insights into the strategic decisions that shaped this pivotal day in European history.

Return to Brussels

After your comprehensive exploration, return to Brussels. Choose to journey back to London via the Eurostar or opt for an overnight stay in Brussels to further explore the city’s attractions.

The Waterloo Battlefield Tour concludes, leaving you with a profound understanding of the Battle of Waterloo’s historical significance.

To learn more about this momentous battle, check out Wikipedia for additional insights

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