WWI Somme and Ypres Battlefield - 3 Day Tour
3 Day
WWI - Somme and Ypres
Battlefield Tour

3 day Tour

WWI - Somme and Ypres Battlefield Tour 

Delve into a journey through time and explore the profound history of these battlefields, where the past comes alive.

Are you intrigued by the historical significance of the Somme and Ypres? One pivotal question that arises is, "What were the reasons behind the Somme battle?" This immersive experience takes you back to the four-month Battle of the Somme, which transpired from July 1 to November 18, 1916.

The objective was clear: Allied commanders aimed to ease the pressure on the French defenders at Verdun by inflicting heavy losses on German forces further north and drawing their reserves into the fray. This critical juncture in history saw the British Army suffer the tragic loss of 60,000 men on the sombre day of July 1, 1916.

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Day 1

Albert 1916 Museum, Fricourt German Military Cemetery,
Lochnagar Crater, Pozieres, Thiepval, 
Ulster Tower, Beaumont-Hamel Newfoundland Memorial Park,
Hawthorn Ridge, Serre Road Military Cemeteries.

Day 2

Sanctuary Wood Museum, Hill 62, 
Hooge Crater and Museum, Poperinge, 
Brandnoak British Military Cemetery, 
Yorkshire Trench, Langemark German Military Cemetery, 
Tyne Cot Military Cemetery, Menin Gate

Day 3

Flanders Fields Museum, Saint-Martins Cathedral, 
St. George’s Church, Hill 60, Island of Ireland, 
Messine Ridge, Plug Street.

Day 1

Embark on an immersive Somme and Ypres tour

Commencing from Ashford Euro station...

Visit significant sites of The Battle of Somme

The Battle of Somme, etched in history, unfolded on July 1, 1916, marking the darkest day for the British Army with a staggering loss of 60,000 lives within a single day. As we travel across the expansive 25-mile battlefront, we delve into events that transpired over a century ago.

Our itinerary encompasses significant sites:

Albert 1916 Museum
Fricourt German Military Cemetery
Lochnagar Crater
Ulster Tower
Beaumont-Hamel Newfoundland Memorial Park
Hawthorn Ridge
Serre Road Military Cemeteries

Day 2

Embark on the Ypres Salient experience

Day 2 of the Somme and Ypres battlefield tours commences at the Cloth Hall in Ypres.

Explore numerous historical landmarks

Ypres Salient played a pivotal role during the 1914-1918 period, witnessing three major battles.

Over the next two days, we explore numerous historical landmarks, from the site of the first gas attack to the trenches where the Christmas Truce occurred in 1914.

Among the highlights:

Sanctuary Wood Museum
Hill 62
Hooge Crater and Museum
Brandnoak British Military Cemetery
Yorkshire Trench
Langemark German Military Cemetery
Tyne Cot Military Cemetery
Menin Gate, where The Last Post is played at 20:00 hrs

Day 3

Your battlefield tour brings you to the Flanders Fields Museum

An essential starting point.....

Flanders Fields Museum and additional sites in the West Flanders region

Situated in the rebuilt Cloth Hall of Ypres, it narrates the tale of World War I in the West Flanders region. The hall, symbolizing wartime hardships and recovery, was reconstructed after its destruction during the war.

Additional sites on the itinerary:

Flanders Fields Museum
Saint-Martins Cathedral
St. George’s Church
Hill 60
Island of Ireland
Messine Ridge
Plug Street

For more information on the Somme and Ypres - Wikipedia provides comprehensive resources.

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