Windsor Castle and Hampton Court - 1 Day Tour
1 Day
Windsor Castle and Hampton Court

1 day Tour

Windsor Castle and Hampton Court tour

An unparalleled royal experience.

Our adventure commences at the historic Hampton Court Palace, an architectural jewel dating back to 1515, famously associated with King Henry VIII and his six marriages.

Amidst its stunning gardens and iconic features, you'll encounter the King's Beasts, a collection of heraldic animals symbolizing King Henry VIII's lineage.

Moving forward, our tour takes you to the venerable Windsor Castle, the world's oldest and largest occupied castle, where Her Majesty the Queen regularly resided. This journey through time and royalty offers a captivating blend of history and grandeur. 

Important information: Your preferred drop off and collection point will be agreed with your driver prior to the tour start date.

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Hampton Court

Windsor Castle

The tour

Windsor Castle and Hampton Court

A royal experience like no other.

Our adventure begins at the iconic Hampton Court Palace

A Tudor gem dating back to 1515. This enchanting palace witnessed the dramatic reign of King Henry VIII, a captivating history lesson often taught to English schoolchildren.

King Henry VIII, known for his intriguing marriages, used Hampton Court as his royal residence.

Amidst the stunning gardens and renowned features like The Maze and The Vine, our royal palace tour unveils ten statues of heraldic animals, the King’s Beasts, adorning the bridge over the moat leading to the grand gatehouse. Unlike the Queen’s Beasts in Kew Gardens, these statues symbolize King Henry VIII’s lineage and his third wife, Jane Seymour. Among them are the Lion of England, the Seymour lion, the Royal dragon, the black bull of Clarence, and more.

Hampton Court Palace holds historical significance as the venue for the Road Cycling Time Trial during the London 2012 Olympic Games.

In 2015, the palace celebrated its 500th anniversary with captivating historical re-enactments.

Your next royal palace adventure is the captivating Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle, the world’s oldest and largest occupied castle, awaits your visit. Regularly inhabited by Her Majesty the Queen, its presence is signalled by the Union Jack flying high above the castle turrets. William the Conqueror initiated the castle’s construction in 1070, and it reached completion in 1086. Originally designed to protect Norman dominance and oversee the strategic River Thames, Windsor Castle evolved from a motte-and-bailey structure to a formidable stone fortress.

Throughout history, monarchs left their mark on the castle.

Henry III added a sumptuous royal palace, while Edward III expanded it into an opulent masterpiece, marking it as one of England’s most expensive secular building projects. Windsor Castle endured turbulent times during the English Civil War, serving as both a military headquarters and a prison.

The restoration of the monarchy in 1660 brought Charles II, who collaborated with architect Hugh May to refurbish the castle. Extravagant Baroque interiors still captivate visitors. Subsequent renovations by George II and George IV enhanced the State Apartments with Rococo, Gothic, and Baroque furnishings. Queen Victoria made minor modifications, solidifying the castle’s reputation as a royal entertainment hub.

Windsor Castle played a pivotal role during World War II, serving as a refuge for the royal family during Luftwaffe bombings.

It even survived a fire in 1992. Today, it remains a top tourist attraction, hosting state visits and serving as Queen Elizabeth II’s preferred weekend residence.

The castle showcases treasures like the State Apartments, The Royal Archives, and the Royal Photograph Collection.

In 2018, Windsor Castle gained worldwide attention as the backdrop for the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

After your immersive royal palace tour, our chauffeur will return you to London or your agreed drop-off location.

Read more about Windsor Castle at Wikipedia.

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